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Baptist Baptism

I. Are New Testament churches required
to accept all immersions as their own?
Scriptural baptism is understood to be a onetime event recognized by God and man. Like
many other Biblical truths, however, our
proneness to error complicates its simplicity. As
early as the first century, the apostle Paul
questioned the baptism of a group of disciples
who claimed the legitimate baptism of John.

The Mystical, Invisible, Universal “Church” Examined in Scripture

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“Hold fast the form of sound words”

(2 Timothy 1:13)
The basis of the local church position.

God chose to use words as the vehicle of thought from His mind to ours. The words God gave are pure words—every one of them. (Ps.12:6; Pr. 30:5). It is not the “great truths” or “doctrines” but the actual wordS that God jealously affirmed and promised to preserve (Ps. 12:7; Mt. 24:35; Rev. 22:18-19; Mt. 5:18). Therefore it is impossible to fully grasp the truths of God without a careful consideration of the actual words He uses. We study them literally, grammatically, contextually, allowing the Bible itself to define them.